African Safari

Experience the thrill of an African Safari by visiting the world renown national parks such as Serengeti, Selous, Manyara, Tarangire and the Ngorongoro Crater. Described as one of the wonders of the world, this unique and world famous caldera is the most remarkable feature in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and the most likely place to spot rhino. The Serengeti is famous for its annual migration of millions of wildebeest and the predominance of the "big cats". In the South of Tanzania, you can visit the Africa's well-watered game reserve - the Selous, which is a little bigger than Switzerland and occupies 5% of Tanzania's landmass. For safaris to see the chimpanzees there are the Mahale Mountains or Gombe Stream along the second deepest lake in the world, Lake Tanganyika, or you can trek to see gorillas in Uganda's Bwindi Game reserve. Not to be missed are the Maasai Mara and Amboseli National Parks in Southern Kenya which can be combined with a tour of Tanzania's famous national parks to give you the ultimate thrill of a true African experience. There are a number of optional activities or excursions that may be included to fit around your basic safari program. You may wish to visit a local village whilst you are in Arusha or on safari and get to experience traditional lifestyles and chat with the villagers. We can incorporate adventure activities such as trekking, cycling, canoeing, balloon and walking safaris to help enhance the variety of your safari program and allow you to explore unspoilt areas on foot or from the air, so that you can capture not only the sights, but sounds, smells and vibrant atmosphere. Those on their honeymoon or special anniversary will find plenty to do to make their experience unique and unforgettable. There are a number of family activities to provide children and teenagers with the opportunity to learn about and explore the African environment and cultures... so much to do, so much to see... The name evokes images of hot, sunny days on white sandy palm-fringed beaches bordering turquoise blue seas, the scent of cinnamon and cloves in the air, memories of the island's infamous past of sultans and slavetrade. Aim for the sun and sea and relax on miles of empty open spaces or snorkel amongst the coral reef. Explore the old Stone Town and capture some of Zanzibar's ancient mystery. You can extend your visit to include the other spice isles such as Pemba and Mafia where scuba diving and snorkelling lets you explore the beautiful underwater world amongst the coral reefs teeming with abundant tropical sealife species - ideal for honeymooners and the adventurous. Other pristine beaches are located along the coast at Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and Mombasa in Kenya with plenty of watersports and swimming activities, gorgeous resorts where one can just relax and sip cocktails whilst watching the sun set over the tropical seas. Very few haven't heard of this majestic and mysterious snow-capped mountain, Africa's highest peak, standing 3 degrees south of the Equator. Kilimanjaro is one of the most famous and highest freestanding mountains in the world, rising from the northern part of Tanzania. Aim for the Sky and experience the ultimate thrill - take a guided trek with us to the summit of the White Mountain. There are several routes up this mighty mountain, for inexperienced and professional trekkers - so you dont have to be superfit to take up this challenge at all. There are a number of charities that would be very grateful for any fundraising and you can do it all for a good cause as well as enjoy the challenge of climbing almost to the top of the world! There are other smaller but no less challenging mountains in East Africa - Mount Meru, Mount Kenya and Mount Oldo-inyo Lengai (Mountain of God), the latter an active volcano with spectacular lava flows.

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